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Indianapolis Jobs

Indianapolis is world-famous for its exciting range of sporting events and multitude of tourist attractions to please a wide array of personal interests. Tourism plays a key role in the city?Äôs revenue, largely due to major events like the Indianapolis 500 and the NCAA Basketball Tournaments for both men and women. Indianapolis jobs pay a median wage of $23.09 per hour, and the job growth outlook is positive for an assortment of occupations. Other leading industries in Indianapolis?Äô diverse economy are education, healthcare and finance.

Finance and Professional Business Services Jobs

Indianapolis has become a financial and business services giant in the nation. There are 169,500 people employed in professional and business services and another 67,400 who work in financial services in Indianapolis. Accountants and auditors earn an average hourly wage of $34.48. Office clerks earn an average of $16.21 per hour. Among those ranked in the 2017 top 10 best places to work in the city are GEICO, with 1070 employees, and Charles Schwab, with 939 employees.


Indianapolis Jobs,


Indianapolis Jobs in Education and Healthcare

Healthcare systems in Indianapolis are ranked among the best in the nation. Indianapolis companies making the list include Indiana Health Information Exchange, Medasource, and MMY Consulting. Indiana is the orthopedics capital of the world and is also the home of the largest private medical device manufacturer in the world. With such a strong presence in the Indianapolis area, its no surprise healthcare is a major industry,

up an important segment of the economy. There are 162,200 employees in the Indianapolis education and health services industry, up 4.4 percent from the past year. Registered nurses in the Indianapolis area average an hourly wage of $32.06 and healthcare social workers make $24.70 as an hourly average.

Teachers salaries in Indiana vary greatly by region. Indianapolis is one of the higher paying metropolitan areas in the state, with an average annual teacher salary of $45,850. Of course, as with any teaching position, your educational level and years of teaching experience greatly influence your salary, as does the grade level you teach.

Indianapolis offers tremendous variety on the job market. Its diversity helps make it good place for a broad assortment of occupations and educational levels.

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